How it works

Making donation here at is safe and secured with PayPal and or Stripe payment gateway. GF is SSL Secured.


+ Firstly, you need to SIGNUP or Register to the site.

+ Once you have Login, Update your account info and profile photo. Our system is equipped with User friendly and attractive dashboard that enable you make changes, post updates and send thank-you notes from your dashboard. Don't forget to add your Paypal email address if you choose to recieve your money via payPal or Bank detail for ACH direct payment to your bank.

+ Create Your Fundraising Campaign

+ Share your campaign with Friends & Family

Our in-built social media share enables campaign owner share their campaign to Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Embed the campaign on any website - copy the campaign embed code and past on any website to enable your campaign display there.

+ Easily Withdraw Your Donation Money

Receive or withdraw your money by requesting ACH payment directly to your bank account via Stripe or Paypal from your GeeFunding account dashboard, or have us send a check payment directly mailed to you, mailing fee apply.


What is Pledge Fund-Raising?

Pledge fund-raising or Just-Cause charitable donations are designed for people with need for financial donations. This type of fund raising campaign sometime does not have backers benefit. The backers or pledge supporter donate to the fund-raising as good-will and sometime don't expect anything back, however, a thank you from the fund-raising campaign creator always appreciated. On the other hand, the fund-raising campaign creator can also provide a reward to the backers as a way of saying thank-you for pledging.

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