What fees does GeeFunding charge?

There are no fees for listing startups business funding campaign on GeeFunding.com and we do not charge investors fee in using our platform.

We charge 7% Gee Funding platform fee to the issuer on fully funded or partially funded raise. Escrow provider fee, and WePay payment processing fees also apply and are payable directly to the service providers upon the completion of the funding campaign by the issuer. 

All investments are held in third-party escrow account. Funds are transferred to the issuer only after the fundraising target has been met. And all fees are payable to Gee Funding, Inc., upon completion through our third-party escrow provider after the fully funded or partially funded campaign closed. 

All Investments generated through Gee Funding platform are deposited and delivered directly to our third-party Escrow Account provider. For instant onboarding and payment transaction processing, we integrate WePay payment gateway API (WePay, a Chase company), and all funds are held in escrow account until the completion of the funding campaign. Then-after the fully or partially funded amount will be disbursed to the issuer bank account we have on our platform or refund to the investors should the funding campaign fails to succeed.

To start raising funds. All you must do is register, create your company profile and start raising startup funds. Choosing from the funding options we have, you may go with the Elastic Funding (Flexible) which lets you keep all funds raised from your campaign, even if you don’t hit your target. Or, you may choose to go with the inelastic Funding (Fixed), which refunds the money back to your investors should you don’t hit your target. Whichever way you choose, you pay nothing till you start raising funds and your fund raising campaign closed.


Funding Options:


Elastic Fund (Flexible)

FULLY FUNDED: You Hit Your Funding Target: 7.00% Gee Funding portal fee.

PARTIALLY FUNDED: You Don´t Hit Your Funding Target: 7.00% Gee Funding portal fee, 

                                               but you get to keep the partial investment raised.

This encourages issuer or the business owner to set reasonable target and able to collect the partial investment raised.


Inelastic Funding (Fixed)

FULLY FUNDED: You Hit Your Funding Target: 7.00% Gee Funding portal fee

UNSUCCESSFUL: You Don´t Hit Your Target: 0% no fee collected

                                     and your contributions get refunded back to the investors.

Third-party Escrow fees does not apply for unsuccessful refunded contributions. All money get refunded back to the investors.

Third Party Fees

Escrow Account provider fee: 

WePay payment processing fee : WePay Payment gateway charges a flat 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction (with credit cards) and 1% + $0.30 per transaction (with bank transfer).