What Make Gee Funding Greater?


Gee Funding is a regulation crowdfunding portal for everyone - Crowdfunding for All

Gee Funding is dedicated to helping businesses, whether small or middle scale, find the needed resources and support they need to raise the capital that will help make their ideas a reality.

Gee Funding portal will offer and present to the investors the Title III JOBS ACT Securities which includes the following: Equity, Convertible Note, Revenue Share, and Debt.

We have noticed that there is a growing list of new businesses each year that struggle to access the necessary funding they need to survive in the monopolized market. Therefore, we have set out to fight this problem by creating a platform where anybody can invest a minimum amount of $100, helping companies to raise capital from investors, customers, and friends.

Gee Funding, Inc is a Security Exchange Commission and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority that is registered and licensed as a funding portal where a business owner can post funding campaign to raise money for their company. With our unique crowdfunding system, investors both accredited and non-accredited investors can easily invest in any business listed on Gee Funding portal.


Gee Funding, Inc., and its associates are committed to ensuring full compliance by the issuer or company with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations, Self-regulatory organization (e.g., FINRA) rules and any other industry rulemaking authorities’ rules regarding anti-money laundering (“AML”). Gee Funding, Inc., has vested program responsibility for AML. Read our Anti-Money Laundering Policy

There are a lot of business crowdfunding platforms out there. However, most of these platforms are just a replica of each other. At Gee Funding, we provide a distinctive approach which helps to ensure maximum efficiency and optimum funding service. GeeFunding, Inc., aims to create a funding portal where anyone both individual and small business owners/ entrepreneurs can easily raise money to fund their start-up businesses. Some features that set us apart include:

Hands-on Approach

Made up of a very experienced professional team, Gee Funding utilizes a hands-on approach that is geared towards ensuring companies understand the process involved in fundraising and how best to launch their campaigns. From profile creation to campaign marketing, we ensure you enjoy a sleek and stress-free experience.

We are after your Campaign Success

The primary aim of this platform is to help start-up businesses access the necessary resources and funding to raise the needed capital to help bring their vision to life. This is to show that every aspect of this platform is geared towards ensuring your campaign’s success, helping you raise the needed fund as soon as possible.

100% Investment Friendly

Gee Funding was created by experienced professionals who have collectively raised investments for a wide range of businesses. Hence, we understand the challenges start-ups face when it comes to this phase and we are always on hand to offer personal expertise to clients looking to crowdfund.

A reliable Customer Service Team

We understand the need to provide a full-fledged smooth user experience from profile creation to campaign marketing and we believe one of the best ways to ensure this is to have a customer service team in place. So, feel free to contact us anytime you have an inquiry, complaint or suggestions and we will be sure to respond with the highest level of professionalism.

Gee Funding, Inc., is a Regulation Crowdfunding portal. 

Regulation crowdfunding has made it possible for anybody to be able to raise funds for almost anything and potential investors both accredited and non-accredited are able to invest towards the growth of the start-up business capital.

GeeFunding understand how difficult it can be to raise money to jump-start and grow a small business. The task of securing investment from traditional bank is a notoriously perplexing and sometimes sluggish process that can be a struggle at the best of times. We also want to give people the opportunity to become an investor and build their own investment portfolio by investing in start-up businesses listed on GeeFunding portal through the possibility of JOBS ACT.

The Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, or JOBS Act, was signed into law by President Obama on April 5 of 2012. The legislation had previously passed Congress the week prior to the signing with a 73-26 Senate vote and a 380-41 House vote approving the measure. While having many different functions, the one that has captured the most attention is the area surrounding Crowdfunding.

There are three exemptions within the JOBS Act that enable crowdfunding:

Title II or Accredited Crowdfunding

Issuers may raise an unlimited amount of funds under Regulation D (506c). Issuers may “generally solicit” or advertise the offer online and elsewhere. Investors must be accredited only. Platforms/Issuers must verify investors are qualified to invest under this exemption (as opposed to Reg D 506b where investors may self-certify but issuers may not advertise).

Title II or Reg CF or Regulation Crowdfunding

This exemption allows a smaller company to raise up to $1.07 million from both accredited and non-accredited investors. The offers must follow a highly prescriptive set of rules. The offer must be listed on a FINRA approved funding portal or with a Broker Dealer. Investors are limited in the amount they may invest. Gee Funding, Inc is FINRA approved funding portal where regulation crowdfunding offerings are made via GeeFunding.com

Title IV or Reg A+ also described as a Mini-IPO exemption

There are two tiers of Reg A+. Tier I issuers may raise up to $20 million. Tier 2 may raise up to $50 million.  Tier 2 issuers may raise funds from all 50 states and issuers are exempt from state Blue Sky review. Both accredited and non-accredited investors may participate. A detailed filing must be provided to the SEC and gain regulatory approval for the issuer to commence the offer. Investors are limited in the amount they may invest.

All offerings shall be made exclusively through GeeFunding.com funding portal operated by Gee Funding, Inc., and all consideration received from sale of the securities shall not exceed $1.07 million ($1,070,000) in 12-month period.

Purchase from a single prospective investor is limited to $5,000 in a single offering, unless the purchaser/investor is an accredited investor.

What Gee Funding does not do:

  1. We do not offer investment advice or recommendations;
  2. We do not compensate employees, agents, or other persons not registered with the Security Commissioner for soliciting offers or sales of securities displayed or referenced on GeeFunding portal.
  3. We do not hold, manage, possess or otherwise handle investor funds or securities, except payments made through the use of our third-party payment gateway PayPal/Stripe.
  4. We are not affiliated with or under common control with the issuer whose securities appear on GeeFunding website.
  5. We do not hold a financial interest in any issuer offering securities on GeeFunding portal.
  6. We do not receive financial interest in an issuer as compensation for services provided to or on behalf of an issuer.

Gee Funding, Inc:



SEC file #: 7-132




#: 86422694


Anybody can invest in any offering here at Gee Funding and with a minimum of $100. 

If you are an accredited investor, you can participate in all security offering here at GF. However; if you are a non-accredited investor, you can invest in Reg A+ and Reg CF offering only. 

To determine maximum amount you're allow to invest as a non-accredited investor; if your net worth or income is below $107k a year, you may legally invest maximum of 5% or lesser amount as deemed.

Now, that’s enough about us….let’s get you that capital your start-up business needs.