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Gee Funding does not accept projects:

  • If the issuer or company shall affect any transaction in, or induce the purchase or sale of, any security by means of, or by aiding or abetting, any manipulative, deceptive or other fraudulent device or contrivance.
  • Use of Manipulative, Deceptive or Other Fraudulent Devices to attract investment.
  • if passing funds to you, and/or your intended use of the funds, would be illegal – including where the provision and/or use of the funds would be in breach of applicable financial or other sanctions.
  • if you do not have company or issuer’s consent or permission that is needed to effectively fulfil your project (including any relevant legal entity documents), or if you cannot otherwise fulfil your project,
  • that may be deemed offensive or defamatory.
  • that promote violence towards yourself or others.
  • that predict or project performance, imply that past performance will recur or make any exaggerated or unwarranted claim, opinion or forecast. A hypothetical illustration of mathematical principles is permitted, if it does not predict or project the performance of an investment.
  • that promote hate or discrimination against individuals or groups for any reason (including, without limitation, where it is based on race, ethnic origin, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability).
  • that promote or seek to fund rebel groups, militias or gangs.
  • that promote or seek to fund the purchase/use of substances prohibited in the United State (including prescription drugs without a prescription and narcotics).
  • that promote or seek to fund the purchase of adult services or products.
  • that offer equity or other financial investments in return for false pledges.
  • that seek to fund legal fees for an individual or organization.
  • that state or imply that FINRA, or any other corporate name or facility owned by FINRA, or any other regulatory organization endorses, indemnifies, or guarantees the funding portal member's business practices.

All Gee Funding portal members (issuers and investors) communications must be based on principles of fair dealing and good faith and must be fair and balanced.

User conduct

You must always use the Gee Funding portal and its associated services in a responsible and legal manner and ensure that the content you provide does not breach any intellectual property rights of a third-party or breach any right or duty owed to a third party, law, or regulation.

By submitting your funding campaign at Gee Funding platform, you solely agree, that you’ll comply to the Gee Funding, Inc. guidelines as indicated above, and that you've read and agree to our privacy policy, and terms of use.