Help Save Roger the Dog

This is Roger the Dog.

He has been a part of our family since i just got married to my wife..
Currently he his injured and aquired a bacteria in his blood which turns out to be life threatining.
To avoid further implication an expensive medication is needed. My wife and i tried our best to
comply all the medication Roger need but still came out short.

So i am here now to ask for your help to save Roger our Dog, Our Family.
#Update UPDATE: Thank you for those who are following our posts on facebook and those who donated. Roger and I are currently preparing to have a check up. I have your email as contacts to update you guys. Really thank you.

Thank you for those who have donated. I've been posting on different facebook group just to help my pet. I will update everyone once the vet has an update.

Robert Cruz

Created Aug 14, 2017 Hayward

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